When we introduced ourselves to the world more than a decade ago – at that time, as Litwak & Partners-we did so by describing ourselves as a boutique firm. Many asked, and still ask us now, what we meant by that. And the explanation is simple: although we have grown a lot in these years, and we have opened offices in several countries, we are not and do not want to be a giant law firm that covers countless matters and has hundreds or thousands of clients.

This decision allows us not only to get to know our clients well but also to take the necessary time to choose, together, the best alternatives. That is why, when we are approached with the idea of structuring personal or family estates, we feel compelled to sit down to talk and listen to you: the goals of each person, of each family, cannot be identical. They never are. And that is clear to us.

There are those who come with inheritance plans to choose the best path for their family. There are others who seek legal security or privacy. There are also those who need to solve family issues (such as blended families, illnesses, disabilities, controversies). And those who aim to soften tax contributions.

Those are some of our objectives on which we base our advice after listening and getting to know our clients. That is where we excel as a boutique firm.