Strategic Fiduciary Advice

We are the best choice when the issue we work on has a connection to Latin America or the British Virgin Islands.

When a trust structure or corporate transaction involves aspects of the British Virgin Islands or Latin America, we are more qualified than any other law firm BVI-based to provide you with the necessary advice.

In our BVI legal practice and strategic consulting through Strategic Fiduciary Advice we only provide services in practice areas and industries where we have accredited credentials, extensive experience, and successful case studies.


Why choose our services?

Advisory support: strategic and tailored guidance on fiduciary matters, ensuring your financial decisions align with your long-term goals.

Regulatory compliance: rest assured that your fiduciary matters are handled in strict compliance with regulatory requirements, providing you with a reliable structure.

Corporative structures

  • Incorporation and day-to-day administration of entities in the British Virgin Islands, a jurisdiction in which we are licensed to provide the “Registration Agent” service directly.
  • Incorporation and administration of entities in jurisdictions such as the Cayman Islands, United States of America, Nevis, Belice, Uruguay, Panama, and Europe.
  • Independent directors and auxiliary services.
  • Opening of bank accounts through various financial institutions.
  • Corporate restructuring (including reorganisation, continuation and discontinuation, separation, and integration post-M&A).
  • Listing of companies and funds on internationally recognized stock exchanges.

Investments funds

  • Establishment and licensing of offshore investment funds in the British Virgin Islands, where we can also act as “Authorized Representatives”.
  • Incorporation service in other jurisdictions, through partner providers.
  • Incorporation and licensing of other financial institutions such us broker-dealers, financial advisors, VASPs, etc.
  • Advice on licencing processes.

Initial advice on multi-jurisdictional estate planning

  • Estate planning and asset protection advice (family and corporate).
  • Succession and international tax planning.
  • Wills, probate, and letters of administration.
  • Establishment, structuring, and dissolve foundations in various jurisdictions.
  • Tax amnesties advice.
  • Advice on CRS/FATCA and privacy matters.
  • Moving abroad.
  • Classic cars, shipping and aircraft acquisition, registration, and financing.
  • IP protection.
  • WealthTech.

Technology and innovation

  • Personalized legal and regulatory advice to banks, investment funds, and infrastructure companies in relation to fintech, proptech, legaltech and wealthtech projects.
  • Advising on applying new technologies to companies across the fintech spectrum (e.g., blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other digital currencies, electronic financial services, electronic trading activities, etc.).
  • Working on the establishment of dedicated investment funds.
  • Helping start-up companies within the sector to launch their business in multiple jurisdictions and to get funded through traditional venture capital/private equity financing rounds or ICOs/STOs.
  • Issuance of NFTs and other types of tokens.
  • Advising on eSports and Gaming projects.

Uruguayan legal advice (limited to corporate and private client advice)

  • Advice on the incorporation of local entities.
  • Estate planning and protection.
  • Tax and fiduciary advice.

BVI legal advice

  • Corporate finance and capital markets advice.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Issuance of legal opinions.
  • General corporate advice.
strategic fiduciary and

Our services are designed to provide you with expert guidance and support in the management and protection of your interests. As a trusted fiduciary partner, we take on the responsibility of acting in your best interest, ensuring transparency, compliance, and a commitment to the well-being of your assets.

Strategic Fiduciary and Legal Advisory


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