What we do

Holistic and permanent legal, fiduciary and tax support and coordination services for our most sophisticated clients.

We are dedicated to the selection, organization and supervision of all providers of legal, accounting and/or fiduciary services and we advise our clients on the best structure(s), jurisdiction(s) and provider(s) that they must put together to protect their assets and achieve their estate planning objectives, such as achieving the greatest possible privacy, reducing taxes and contingencies with tax authorities, organizing the succession, defining the best possible domicile, among others.

Our services

Services are provided in three modalities, depending on each client’s needs

Legal Family Office

Continuous and unlimited advice and support.

Legal Family Office Lite

Limited advice within a set number of annual hours.


Consulting services with project execution tailored to specific needs.

What we offer

Our goal is to work as a team to ensure that each decision made is implemented as best as possible from the wealth perspective.

Our work does not replace the tasks carried out by financial advisors, and legal and accounting advisors, but complements them.

Initial Diagnosis

Review of the current asset structure and preparation of a roadmap for the future. Implementation of the suggested changes, if any.

Continuous Monthly Strategic Advice

In legal, fiduciary and international tax matters, to comply with what is established after the initial meeting with each client.

Selection of Providers

We select and supervise the work of external providers and choose the most efficient jurisdictions to achieve the objectives established together.

Third-party fee negotiation

We reach agreements with providers of legal, accounting and fiduciary services, as well as the terms and conditions of the documents to be signed with them.

Liaison with Lawyers of other Specialties

We coordinate relationships with attorneys in other practice areas (immigration, real estate, etc.) and in jurisdictions in which we do not operate directly.

Constant accompaniment

Through our most experienced professionals, with availability 24/7.

Review of the Financial and Life Insurance Strategy

We ensure that the strategy developed by each client’s own financial advisors complies with the greatest possible tax efficiency and consistency with wealth planning in general.

Constant Evaluation

We continuously review the international asset structures to ensure that the actions are correct and aligned with the objectives.


We know how important it is for our clients and for us it is a commitment and a value.

Our services

Sports and Entertainment

  • We are committed to helping athletes and artists with wealth planning issues.
  • We work proactively with clients, and we are part of their teams, seeking to be the single point of contact for international legal, accounting, and fiduciary needs.  
  • We focus on the selection, organization, and supervision of all providers of legal, accounting and/or fiduciary services for this type of client.
  • We advise them on the best structure(s), jurisdiction(s) and providers to protect their wealth to achieve their wealth planning objectives, such as attaining the highest level of privacy, reducing taxes and contingencies with tax authorities, organizing the succession and defining the best possible domicile, among other aspects.

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Private Clients

  • Estate planning and asset protection advice.
  • Succession and international tax planning.
  • Wills, probate, and letters of administration.
  • Family office coordination.
  • Global banking administration.


We’re thrilled to share UNTITLED Access, a program with a great blend of luxury, convenience, and security, a selection of benefits carefully curated to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of our clients.

How do we charge for our services?

Our fixed fees are defined by:

  • The complexity of the existing fiduciary structure and/or that of the residence initially intended.
  • The number of different tax residences within the same family group.
  • The family branches that will be served.

In no case does UNTITLED charge fees that have a direct, or even indirect, relationship with the assets of our clients. Fees are always the result of the added value we can provide and the type of work we are going to do.

What makes us different from competitors?

  • Unrivaled knowledge and experience in wealth planning and international taxation.
  • Our own research teams.
  • Comprehensive approach.
  • Fixed fees, unrelated to our clients’ assets or profits, and regardless of hours of work.
  • Customized assistance, available on a 24/7 basis.
  • No conflicts of interest.
  • Links to legal, accounting, and fiduciary experts in other jurisdictions of significance for our clients, where we have no direct activity.
  • Reduction of fees charged for outsourced services, through negotiations and simplification or reduction of tasks.
  • Fees for additional services provided by Untitled are charged at wholesale prices (i.e. incorporation of partnerships, the definition of trusts, etc.
  • Preferential fees on international concierge services based on our agreement with Alberta La Grup.
  • Assistance with family governance issues through our agreement with FECIG.
  • Preferential fees in legal advice for matters related to Argentina, thanks to our alliance with Viramonte & Asociados.
  • Constant innovation.

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