About us

We are a boutique firm highly specialized in wealth planning, corporate structuring, and fund formation, with over a decade of experience.

We provide strategic legal advice and liaison services to families and investment funds in areas where we excel and have an exceptional track record, extensive experience and successful case studies.

Our extensive global network allows us to have unique links with legal and tax experts in other jurisdictions that are important to our clients and where we do not practice. The creation of multidisciplinary teams to meet the complex needs of clients transforms us into a company that offers innovative strategic solutions and is at the forefront of the market.

We make the complex, simple

We offer

Our clients access to a professional network of international fiduciary services companies and independent advisors, including financial advisors, trustees, protectors, independent directors, fund and corporate administrators, insurance companies, as well as domestic CPAs and legal advisors, all of whom have been vetted for their expertise by our team of industry experts.


We focus on practice areas and industries where we have extensive knowledge, experience, and successful case studies.


We offer innovative solutions and a simple approach to complex matters.


The world changes and we anticipate so that the future does not take us by surprise. We work today, thinking about tomorrow.


Privacy is essential for our clients and for our team. It is a choice, a commitment and a value.

Fixed Fees

We price services according to the value we can add and the type of work we are going to do. We do not charge fees that have a direct or indirect relationship with the income or assets of our clients.


We are agnostic when it comes to the choice of service providers and jurisdictions, allowing us to take fully independent positions when offering solutions to our clients.

The story behind our name

As we explored a name for our firm, we wanted to capture the essence of our clients and the nature of our work. To be disruptive, innovative, and to break new ground, an artist must approach each new work with an open mind and with confidence in their ability to fill the canvas with new ideas and interpretations.

Each client is different, and each family has its own canvas. Clients have different family goals and needs, tax residences, and types and locations of assets, so we have different solutions to create for them.

And like that enduring piece of art, there is also no single approach to wealth structuring and wealth preservation.

Like our clients, we achieve their goals and look at the blank canvas until we realize the most innovative approach to preserving and structuring their wealth.

Our team

Lead by Martin Litwak, founding partner of the firm, and by the subject matter experts in each office and practice areas, the multidisciplinary team is comprised of professionals focused on the specific needs of each of our clients.

From the very beginning of our firm, our commitment has always been to remain a boutique firm. We have a small number of highly-qualified professionals working for a limited and select client portfolio. We do not have a lot of turnover in senior positions in our industry, because changes in this area generate the risk of disseminating confidential information. We work at the other extreme: providing security.