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Our wealth planning approach prioritizes understanding each client’s unique needs and concerns. Beyond numbers, we focus on dialogue and deep comprehension. Whether it’s legal security, taxes, or family protection, we guide clients through complexities with empathy and expertise. Wealth planning isn’t just about finances; it’s a human and familial reality.

Integrated approach

For each of the services we offer, we adopt an integrated approach.

We enhance our clients’ success by facilitating the efficient structuring of their wealth, business operations, and specific transactions, even in situations involving multiple jurisdictions.

Education: we empower our clients with knowledge.

Comprehensive advice: both general and specific to the client’s present or future fiduciary structure.

Expert execution: we assist in implementing the recommended strategies and structures.

Post-incorporation services: we continue to support our clients beyond the initial stages.

Our services

UNTITLED provides strategic advice first and foremost. Our counsel is highly specialized, tailored, and free of conflicts of interest.

Our focus on wealth planning, corporate structuring and fund formation is much sought after by our clients:

  • First, second and third generation of HNW and UHNW families domiciled or doing business in the Americas and/or Spain.
  • Athletes and entertainers.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Companies with operations in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Financial institutions. 

We offer comprehensive and enduring legal, fiduciary, and tax support services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our most discerning clients.

This service is particularly well-suited for family groups with complex fiduciary structures or unique family dynamics, as well as for Ultra-High Net Worth individuals and institutional families. Additionally, it caters to financial institutions specializing in such clientele, private bankers, and multi-family offices.

We provide trust and trust advisory services for Latin American settlors who value the benefits of employing independent trustees who are very familiar with the region, experienced directors and professional administration of their wealth structuring and estate planning vehicles.

We stand out as the leading choice when it comes to matters related to Latin America and the British Virgin Islands, and are well-positioned in this jurisdiction to provide the expert guidance required. Our legal practice in the British Virgin Islands, focuses solely on practice area and industries where we have deep knowledge, extensive experience, and a proven track record of successful cases.

We provide services exclusively related to offshore investment funds with a Latin American component, through Untitled Fund Services LLC, an investment fund administrator established in Florida, United States.

At UNTITLED Insurance Services, we excel in offering high-quality, meticulously designed life insurance solutions, essential in estate planning.

Our team of experts specializes in the design, structuring, and financing of life policies aimed at wealth protection, succession, retirement, and providing liquidity access for families and entrepreneurs. We provide comprehensive support to meet our clients’ needs in this area.



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