You already know about Sports & Entertainment, our business line focused on elite artists and athletes. We work not only with them but also with their families, managers, accountants, and the rest of their teams. We complement each other. Now, who are our regular clients.

They are football players who have been champions of America, world runners-up, and/or champions in different European and Latin American leagues; tennis players who have won ATP titles, including Master Series and Grand Slam; singers who have been awarded Gardel Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, and MTV Latin America Awards; car and/or motorcycle racers; wrestlers; representatives, agents, or managers, financial and accounting advisors for elite artists and athletes; executives from the music industry, retired athletes, coaches, journalists, TV show hosts and panelists; media owners and influencers.

Our goal is to work as a team so that every decision made is implemented in the best possible way from a wealth management perspective. As we emphasize, we do not replace the tasks performed by their local financial and legal advisors but rather complement them. We also do not interfere in decisions related to the professional careers or investment choices of our clients.

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Who chooses the services of Untitled Sports & Entertainment?