This year brought many changes for our firm. In addition to expanding, by adding professionals to the team, we moved our office in Montevideo to a more comfortable space for both our team and the clients who often visit us. Furthermore, in 2023, Untitled will be the Diamond Sponsor of The 1841 Foundation’s annual event, an organization where Martín Litwak, our firm’s CEO, is one of the founders.

The event will feature numerous significant speakers and will also unveil the second Tax Hell Index, an annual initiative by the Foundation.

For those interested in this topic, we’d like to share The 1841Foundation’s website, where you can find information about the event, the agenda, speakers, ticket purchasing details, and learn more about the Foundation.

Use the discount code ANNUALSUMMIT1 to get 25% off on your ticket! This promotion is available for a limited number of tickets.

We take pride in our firm’s role as one of the prominent sponsors of the Summit.