As we have been doing since we created the company, almost ten years ago, at Untitled SLC we constantly adapt our value propositions to market needs and we innovate with offers and services tailored to our clients.

Innovation was always part of our DNA and in years as special as this 2020 it’s good to be as close to our essence as possible.

In these months we have worked on the creation of two new lines of business that are added to our already traditional UNTITLED LEGAL FAMILY OFFICE and UNTITLED STRATEGIC LEGAL ADVICE.

These are:


Through our division specialized in elite athletes and artists, we offer legal, fiduciary, and tax advice with a holistic approach and provide permanent attention to this type of client.
At UNTITLED we have been actively working for a long time in these two industries and we have a clear insight into the problems faced by artists and athletes at different stages of their careers, as well as after retirement.

This is why we can work together with these clients through the different stages of their life and professional career, providing wealth planning advice. We also maintain permanent contact with their other advisors (such as agents, financial advisors, CPAs, local attorneys, etc.) so that we may find the best possible solutions according to their needs. This includes, among other things: Set up and administration of fiduciary structures (such as companies, trusts, etc.).

Advice regarding the acquisition and transfer of assets (i.e. real estate in different countries, collection cars, yachts, airplanes, art, etc). Choice of tax residence, either during the professional career (when possible) or after retirement. 


Diagnosis and review of the global wealth structure of our clients. Audit of suppliers. Negotiation of fees with providers of fiduciary services. Drafting of a route map that enables us to follow-up during the different stages of the professional/family life of our clients. Review of the financial strategy together with the other agents, financial/legal/accounting advisors. Link and relationship management with lawyers specialized in other fields, such as immigration, real estate, etc.

We do know how to work on a team basis to achieve optimal results. Thus, we work not only with the client but also with the family and all the other advisors concerned.

We are always open to give our opinion to our clients on financial/accounting and business matters, with an independent and objective viewpoint based on our expertise and without interfering with the decisions or advice of other professionals. Our final aim is to provide reassurance and financial security to our clients; always trying to find the best solutions.

Created specifically to both Affluent clients and those who have in-depth knowledge of the offshore industry, we provide execution with no advice, when incorporating companies or creating standard vehicles.

Although the purpose of Untitled Essentials is not to analyze the specific wealth planning needs of its clients, our qualified professionals are always willing to explain the characteristics of each of the products offered through this line of business.

Initially, Untitled Essentials will be offering the following products: Business companies incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Limited liability companies incorporated in the State of Florida, USA.

In order to provide a better incorporation service at BVI, our offices in that jurisdiction were expanded.

Through our Legal Family Office, we offer our most sophisticated clients a holistic review of their fiduciary structures and ongoing attention and support on cross-border legal and tax matters.

This is an ideal service not only for those ultra-high net worth (more than 30 million in assets) and institutional families (more than 100 million in assets) but also for families under those figures but with family situations or fiduciary structures with certain degree of complexity.


Diagnosis and review of the client’s current fiduciary structure. Audit of suppliers. Negotiation of fees with providers of fiduciary services. Drafting a route map which enables us to adapt the client’s fiduciary structures to the different stages of the family lives. Review of the financial strategy of the family with the family’s financial advisor(s).

Review of the family strategy concerning life insurance. Liaison with lawyers specialized in other fields, such as immigration, real estate, etc. Liaison with other clients’ advisors (i.e. accountants, financial advisors, family offices, providers of fiduciary services, etc.).

A certain number of hours per month of strategic legal advice on legal, fiduciary and international taxation matters, to be determined after the kick-off meeting with each client/family.

We provide strategic counsel in the areas mentioned below, in which we have extensive credentials, deep experience and successful case studies.


Corporate and Investment Funds 

General corporate matters.  Offshore Funds: fund formation, licensing and ongoing legal and regulatory advice as well as restructurings and listings. Investment Managers and other licensed entities (including establishment, licensing and post-licensing legal and regulatory advice). Corporate finance and capital markets transactions.

Private Clients & Trusts

Wills, estate planning and asset protection advice. Probate and letters of administration. All aspects of trust law, including the establishment, restructuring and winding up of trusts and foundations. Private Trust Companies. Tax amnesties. CRS/FATCA advice.

Fintech, Wealthtech, cryptocurrencies and digital assets

Providing tailored legal and regulatory advice to banks, investment funds and infrastructure companies with their most complex fintech and/or wealthtech projects.  Advising on the application of new technologies to finance across the fintech spectrum (i.e. blockchain, digital currencies, electronic financial services, electronic trading activities, etc.). Working on the establishment of dedicated investment funds. Helping start-up companies within the sector to launch their business in multiple jurisdictions and to get funded through traditional venture capital/private equity financing rounds or through ICOs/STOs.

Fund Administration Services

Untitled Fund Services LLC is a U.S. based fund administrator who provides services exclusively to emerging offshore investment funds with a Latin American component.

Trustee Services

We provide trustee and/or trust advisory services in three of the most popular and well-regulated trust jurisdictions: New Zealand, South Dakota (U.S.), and Wyoming (U.S.).