In 1988, Evander Holyfield became the first undisputed cruiserweight champion. He then moved to the heavyweight category, where he beat James “Buster” Douglas before starting his reign as the unified champion of the three great boxing organizations at the time. In his career, he amassed a fortune worth 250 million dollars. Can so much money be squandered in just two decades? Incredible as it may seem, Holyfield lost his millions due to a series of bad decisions including failed businesses, multiple marriages and unbridled luxury which left him nearly bankrupt. Today, Holyfield barely gets by, like so many other sportspeople and artists blessed with fame and fortune.

At UNTITLED we have been working for a long time in the sports industry and we have clear insight into the problems faced by athletes at different stages of their careers, as well as after retirement.
Launching our new business line UNTITLED SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT has meant taking a further step to go alongside the lives and professional careers of our clients. 

Advice includes, among other things, the setup and administration of fiduciary structures (such as companies, trusts, among others), advice on acquisition and transfer of assets and choice of tax residence, either during a professional career (when possible) or after retirement.

In order to achieve the best results, we work not only with the client but also with the family, the corresponding representatives and financial, legal and accounting advisors. With athletes or artists, this, too, is teamwork. And precisely for this reason, the services we provide allow us to have an opinion on financial and accounting matters, without interfering with the decisions or advice of other professionals. The objective is, as always, simply to bring peace of mind and security to the client at all times.

Martín Litwak explains why wealth planning is important in the sports industry: