We will never stop saying it because we are so proud: we are the first «Legal Family Office» in the Americas.

Through this program, we offer our most sophisticated clients a holistic review of their fiduciary structures and ongoing attention and support on cross-border legal and tax matters. This is an ideal service not only for those Ultra-High Net Worth (more than 30 million in assets) and institutional families (more than 100 million in assets) but also for families under those figures but with family situations or fiduciary structures with certain degree of complexity.

Our service is based on the same principles upon which traditional multi-family offices have been built: independence, absence of conflicts of interest, provider coordination, fixed fees, and transparency, among others.

Here goes a clip with information about our service and, as usual, we are at your disposal in case you have a request. If you need more information, visit our website or email us at contact@untitled-slc.com.