As you know, Untitled is a boutique firm with practically no staff turnover. This is not by chance, but by design – and there are many reasons for it. We invest in training our team members and seek to create a work atmosphere where our people feel comfortable, growing both as a person and a professional. Considering our clients, we don’t want them to have to discuss highly sensitive topics with new interlocutors. This is also very important in terms of the confidential information we handle.
Although staff turnover is low, Untitled is always adapting to changes and promoting new functions to improve the service we give our clients and leverage the talent of our team. Last month three team members who have been at Untitled for some time have changed roles. These are their new positions, we are confident that these new responsibilities will be beneficial for all our clients:

Enrica Casagrande is a lawyer and has been part of the firm almost since it was established. She took over from Martín Litwak, at the time moving to Miami, as the person-in-charge of the Montevideo office. She has now been appointed Global Head of Wealth Structuring of Untitled

Daniela Baldovino, also a lawyer, has been working at Untitled for four years and has been our Global Head of Corporate and Funds since November.

Emilia Roggiero has been Director of Business Development and Client Care at Untitled for seven years: she is now additionally Chief of Staff.