Those who already know us are aware that innovation has always been one of our main values. Pursuing our mission to always think about the best we can offer to our clients, we have created two strategic alliances with high-level companies, thus complementing the services we provide.

We specialize in reassuring our clients in all aspects related to the structuring of their assets, regardless of their value and whether the objective sought is solving a succession issue, achieving a higher level of legal certainty, protecting the privacy of certain assets or achieving greater tax optimization.

Through our Legal Family Office, we offer our most demanding clients —ultra-high net worth and institutional families— a holistic review of their fiduciary structures and ongoing attention and support on legal and fiduciary matters. In order to do so, we have adopted the principles on which traditional family offices have been built on, i.e. independence, absence of conflicts of interest, provider coordination, fixed fees, and transparency.


The first alliance will enable us to provide our most sophisticated clients with concierge services, through Alberta La Grup, one of the best luxury concierge agencies in Europe specializing in professional personal assistance, bespoke experience creation, and a dedicated concierge team.

In fact, as from this agreement, all clients who are part of our exclusive Legal Family Office will enjoy important benefits by being able to access -at a preferential price- the “Brand Butler” program, the virtual concierge service and personal assistance aimed at managing all those time-consuming administrative tasks, thus allowing them to invest in what really matters.


The second partnership is with Family Enterprise Consulting International Group (FECIG), a firm that provides innovative and responsible solutions meeting the needs, challenges and dilemmas that individuals, families, or companies may have when trying to ensure the durability and continuity of their companies, their heritage and their legacy over time.

The work carried out by FECIG aims to provide the necessary service & support mainly to develop a process to strengthen the family unit and the business institutional framework, in addition to raising the awareness of family members regarding the threats, affecting sustainability and durability over time.

As a result of this alliance, UNTITLED is now in a position to offer its/our “Family Governance Service”, which is valued highly by the clients of our Legal Family office as in the vast majority of cases, high wealth in the region is a product of hundreds of successful family businesses.