Webinar Series 2021 has been going on month after month, successfully garnering a large audience, and we hope it will continue the same way. In case you have missed our talks, you can see them here. You can join our upcoming webinars at the same link (only available in Spanish).
Our next webinar, on 20 August, will be hosted by our CEO Martín Litwak and Florencia Scialabba, Global Head of Family Office Services, who joined the Untitled team earlier this year to keep on developing our Legal Family Office and the Sports & Entertainment line. The webinar’s topic will be Celebrity Wealth Planning.
This issue has become particularly relevant over the last few weeks, not just in connection with our firm but also with showbiz and media, due to the Britney Spears caseIn this article for Funds Society (in Spanish), Martín Litwak discusses how Spears could have avoided giving up her property and assets in favour of her father’s conservatorship.
We also recommend this column where our CEO looks into the fortune and taxes of Carlos Tevez following his retirement, and poses the question: was Tevez’s decision to end his football career influenced by tax burden? (in Spanish).
We hope you find these articles interesting, and we expect to see you in the next Untitled Webinar Series.