At the core of Untitled SLC’s practice is the respect for the privacy of our clients and a 100% personalized treatment, including an exhaustive analysis of each family and its needs.
Why do we think privacy is important? This is the explanation of our CEO Martín Litwak:
“As we all live in this Big Brother world, we all take it for granted that anyone is entitled to know anything about anyone else. But this is not true. We live in a world of social networks and information exchange, but some information is private and you don’t have to reveal what you do with your private life, as long as you are not committing a crime or harming anyone else. Knowing somebody else’s wealth is irrelevant as long as they pay their taxes. Privacy is an innate right.” 
It is our clients’ right. And it is a right we deem relevant and comply with, starting with the name of our firm.