This island country in Africa –no longer included in FATF-GAFI’s grey list or in EU’s black list– has introduced modifications to its legislation that have effects on diverse transactions carried out at its financial center.

Such modifications include, among others:

  • The possibility, for tax authorities, to request the submittal of information by foundations or trusts for purposes such as assessment, tax collection, or compliance with information exchange aspects.
  • The fact that some entities will no longer be within the scope of application of the Financial Services Law, and will be regulated pursuant to FATF-GAFI’s recommendations against money laundering currently in place.
  • The granting, by the government, of work and residence permits for executives, to attract wealthy individuals and their families, and to strengthen promotion of the activity of family offices.
  • The granting of bank licenses made easier, in addition to the acceptance of deposits by private entities towards the issuance of digital currencies.

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