As you may already know, one of Untitled’s main lines of activity is wealth planning. It is also the topic about which we get more queries than about any other. So, here, we would like to use this space to publish the answers to three common questions we receive concerning wealth structuring.

Does Untitled provide advice to any type of clients?

Indeed, we provide services adjusted to each individual client’s needs, regardless of their place of residence, their planning objectives, the magnitude of the wealth to be protected, or the type and/or location of the assets comprised. While no minimum assets are required for a structuring plan, the value of the wealth involved will determine the range of possibilities available for the structuring process.

What should I take into account for the case of wealth planning?

The first thing to consider is the objective in mind. What is to be protected? Why?, and for what purpose? At the time of an interview with one of our professionals, you should have a clear idea of the baseline for defining your objectives. Our team is obviously trained to guide you regarding the objectives in search of the best structuring possible. There are diverse tools to achieve your goals and each case will require a specific strategy.

If I decide the planning option, will I lose control of my assets?

Structuring usually does not imply losing control over the assets. There are particular structures where such situation could happen, but, in general, that is not the case. Therefore, resorting to specialists is key in defining what is most convenient for your specific case.