A characteristic of athletes, very often shared by artists, is that they earn large amounts of money during a relatively short period in their professional lives. They all need that wealth to last until the time when their income becomes significantly (and in many cases drastically) reduced following their retirement. 
They also share other features, not necessarily common to all, but to their majority indeed: normally, they lack legal or financial knowledge, and they never prioritize such issues. They tend to acquire expensive property, like costly watches or cars that soon become depreciated or planes and yachts that imply very high maintenance costs. Moreover, these individuals often commit to supporting others economically, even beyond their own instance of retirement. It’s common for them to trust people who were never to be relied on blindly. All this, in addition to their lives being obviously subject to all of the vicissitudes normally encountered by all human beings (such as divorces and addictions, among other things).
As a result of the above, Untitled created a special business line to deal with this type of clients. Sports & Entertainment provides elite athletes and artists the possibility of specific wealth and estate planning and hands-on strategic legal and fiduciary advice. We have different approaches that range from simple queries meant for diagnosis to clients’ ongoing assistance and their surrounding circle of people. Of course, we work in tandem with the client’s team, and our fees are not directly proportional to the income or net worth of clients. A growing number of sportspeople and artists have been claiming our innovative and improvement-oriented proposal, for no other competitors have anything similar to offer. 
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