Formerly known as “Litwak & Partners”. Untitled is a boutique firm highly specialized in wealth structuring and investment funds


Our overall promise is

  1. To always make the complex, simple;
  2. To be pro-active partners to our clients on every level; and
  3. In the case of Private Clients, to walk with them throughout the different stages of their family life, adapting their fiduciary structure(s) to the needs and objectives which many arise.


Our competitive advantages

  • Unparalleled expertise in the relevant laws of the legal jurisdictions where we practice
  • Unparalleled relationships with legal and tax experts in the jurisdictions important to our clients where we do not practice.
  • Highly customized services
  • Innovation
  • Fixed fees
  • Focus in Latin America
  • Independence


The Story Behind Our Most Unusual Company Name

Like an artist approaching a white canvas, there is no single path to creating a work of art that will endure the ages.

In order to be disruptive, innovative and break new ground, an artist must approach a new work with a clear, open mind and the confidence in his or her ability to fill the canvas with fresh new ideas and interpretations.

And like that enduring piece of art, there is also no single approach to wealth structuring and wealth preservation.

Each and every client is different and the “canvas of a family” is as unique as the individuals who make it up. Aspects such as family objectives or needs, fiscal residencies, type and location of the family assets vary from client to client and so vary the solutions we need to create for them. The same apply to fund managers.

We’ve been in the business of providing strategic legal counsel and liaison services to families and investment funds for over two decades and when we began exploring a new name for our new venture, we wanted to capture the essence of our clients and the nature of our work.


“Untitled” is where we landed for three reasons:

  1. First of all, we were not able to find a single word that would encompass or represent our values and the services we provide.
  2. Secondly, our clients value their privacy a lot and so do we. To that end, “Untitled” represents our commitment to their privacy.
  3. Finally, when most artists approach a canvas they call it “untitled” until it has form and function. In fact, in some cases they leave “untitled” as the name of the new masterpiece.

We approach our clients objectives much the same way and see the canvas as blank until we can truly understand how to provide the most innovative approach to their wealth structuring and wealth preservation needs.