Trustee Services

Untitled Trustees (N.Z) Limited is a New Zealand based privately owned trust company

The company provides trust and fiduciary services mainly to small and medium size offshore trusts with Latin American settlors who seek for the benefits of employing independent trustees, experienced directors and professional administration of their wealth and estate planning vehicles.

We currently provide trustee and/or trust advisory services in three of the most popular and well regulated trust jurisdictions: New Zealand, South Dakota (US) and Wyoming (US), through our affiliates Untitled Trustees (N.Z) Limited and Untitled Fiduciary Services LLC respectively.

We also establish and administer private trust companies for families that wish to be the principal shareholders of the trustee and arrange for the establishment and management of SPVs created for international securitizations, CDOs and structured finance transactions.

We have a strong focus in the region and provide our services in a very personalized and hands-on way.

We are a truly independent trust company as we are affiliated neither to a bank nor to any other financial institution. This independence is highly appreciated by our clients as it provides them with an extra degree of comfort.





Trust set up

  • Selecting the best jurisdiction and structure for the trust.
  • Selecting the type of trusts.
  • Drafting the trust deed and all other ancillary agreements.


Administration services

  • Acting as trustees.
  • Providing resident corporate or personal directors.
  • Ensuring that trusts comply with all the regulations in force and effect in the jurisdictions where they are set up.
  • Arranging for the formation of special purpose vehicles.
  • Providing management services for structured finance transactions.



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