Sports & Entertainment

We have been working for a long time in these two industries and we have clear insight into the problems faced by artists and athletes at different stages of their careers, as well as after retirement

This is why we can see these clients through the different stages of their life and professional career, providing wealth planning advice. This includes, among other things, the setup and administration of fiduciary structures (such as companies, trusts, among others), advice on acquisition and transfer of assets and choice of tax residence, either during a professional career (when possible) or after retirement.


In order to achieve the best results, we work not only with the client but also with the family, the corresponding representatives and financial, legal and accounting advisors

This, too, is teamwork. And precisely for this reason, the services we provide allow us to give our opinion to our clients on financial and accounting matters, with an independent and objective viewpoint based on our expertise and without interfering with the decisions or advice of other professionals. The objective is simply to bring peace of mind and security to the client at all times.


How do we work with this type of client?

At Untitled we have different ways of working with our clients, ranging from a simple diagnostic consultation to permanent accompanying of the client and their environment.

The most suitable contracting engagement between the athlete or artist and us will depend on the current stage of their career, the tax residence, and the type of assets they own, their planning objectives and the team of advisors surrounding them.



Through our Sports & Entertainment division we provide the following:

  • Diagnosis and review of the global wealth structure of our clients.
  • Audit and supervision of suppliers.
  • Negotiation of fees with providers of fiduciary services.
  • Drafting of a route map which enables us to follow-up during the different stages of the professional/family life of our clients.
  • Review of the financial strategy together with the other agents, financial/legal/accounting advisors.
  • Referrals and relationship management with lawyers specialized in the relevant jurisdictions in the relevant fields.


We do not charge fees directly related to the income or assets of our clients in any of our different working modalities. Fees are always related to the value that we can add and the type of work that we will engage in.

Our goal is for our athlete and artist clients to feel that we are always at their disposal,  always on their side, making their goals our own.