For us, privacy is as much as valuable as for our clients. We know that when trying to protect their privacy, they often resort to fiduciary structures. Besides, we value it above other aspects that are also important, such as inheritance matters or fiscal optimization.

Helping our clients achieve this protection is therefore an essential aspect of our work and we strive to take special care of it at all times and from different perspectives.

In fact, our firm’s name change as from March 2019 makes direct allusion towards discretion, confidentiality and privacy.

As from the very beginning of our firm, our commitment has always been to remain a boutique law firm. We have a small amount of professionals working for a limited client portfolio. We have less than a minimum of employee turnover and we do not have even one case in senior positions; an essential detail in this financial sector.

Our clients prefer to have a reply within a 2 days delay rather than having constant changes.  Changes in this field may imply private information dissemination risk. Our efforts are exactly the opposite, that is to say: to provide security.  We know what our clients need, and we know how to achieve this objective.

Our commitments towards privacy is in the heart of our organizational culture, far beyond the secured IT systems in which we file and handle all documents. All data which we deal with is protected by the jurisdictional laws bearing strong juridical security and thus far beyond the reach of fiscal authorities (and of other nature) of less secure countries, as in the case of many in the region.

Although it might be more convenient in terms of business to grow and open new offices where are clients are located, we will never do so.

We do not search for famous nor PEPs (politically exposed persons); that was one of the reasons for which prestigious international firms failed.

We are a serious institution, transparent if needed, and always defend our clients’ confidential information to the utmost. Our main objective is that our clients find tranquility in their family assets and wealth management.