Legal Family Office

Welcome to the future of legal consulting for ultra-high net worth families


Untitled is unique

We are the first of its kind, “Legal Family Office” in the Americas.
Untitled was established to respond to our clients’ need for global advice on issues related to their international estate planning.
The global marketplace has been rocked with a number of recent, profound macro changes that have affected the wealth structuring industry.
These changes include – but are not limited to – automatic information exchange (FATCA/CRS), tax amnesties and tax reforms and many others.
Staying on top of all of these issues is critical.

Through our Legal Family Office, we provide our most sophisticated clientele (ultra-high net worth and institutional families) with a bespoke, holistic review of their existing fiduciary structure(s) based on the same principles upon which traditional single or multi-family offices have been built: independence, absence of conflicts of interest, providers coordination, fixed fees and transparency, among others.


The advantages for our clients

  1. Access to cutting edge and highly specialized advice;
  2. Consistent approach to sensitive and complex issues, such as succession planning, business succession and exchange of information among countries;
  3. No more hourly rates, impersonalized solutions, unnecessarily complicated fiduciary structures and/or conflicts of interests; and
  4. Reduction of fees charged by third party service providers (through negotiation or simplification/reductions of tasks).



Please reach out and connect with us and we will be in touch with more details about this program.