First Legal Family Office

Welcome to the future of legal consultancy services for Ultra-High Net Worth families

We are the first Legal Family Office in the Americas.

Through our First Legal Family Office, we offer our most sophisticated clients a holistic review of their fiduciary structures and ongoing attention and support on cross-border legal and tax matters.

We provide legal advice in the jurisdictions where we are licensed (BVI and Uruguay) and serve as liaison with counsel for our clients in other jurisdictions, where we use our extensive experience and relationships to identify the right legal and tax experts for our clients’ needs and work closely with them on behalf of our clients.

This is an ideal service not only for those Ultra-High Net Worth (more than $30 million in assets) and institutional families (more than $100 million in assets) but also for families under those figures but with family situations or fiduciary structures with a certain degree of complexity.




Our aim is that our First Legal Family Office clients benefit from:

  • Ongoing advice and support from our most senior professionals, along with counsel from qualified legal experts in the relevant jurisdictions.
  • Constant supervision and evaluation of their international fiduciary structures.
  • The simplest structures available to achieve their objectives regarding wealth planning and reduce the risks involved.
  • Consistent structures.

In other words, our objective is for our clients to enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep every night.



Through our First Legal Family Office we provide the following:

  • Diagnosis and review of the client’s current fiduciary structure.
  • Audit and supervision of suppliers.
  • Negotiation of fees with providers of fiduciary services.
  • Drafting of a route map which enables us to adapt the client’s fiduciary structures to the different stages of the family lives.
  • Review of the financial strategy of the family with the family’s financial advisor(s).
  • Review of the family strategy concerning life insurance.
  • Liaison with lawyers specialized in the relevant fields in the relevant jurisdictions.
  • Liaison with our clients’ other advisors (e.g., accountants, financial advisors, family offices, providers of fiduciary services, etc.).
  • A certain number of hours per month of strategic legal and liaison/consulting advice on legal, fiduciary and international taxation matters, to be determined after the kick-off meeting with each client/family.


Additional advantages 

  • Focus on complex and delicate matters, such as family estate planning, business succession planning and information exchanges among several countries.
  • Fees corresponding to additional services to be provided by Untitled at wholesale pricing (e.g., company incorporation, establishment of trusts, etc.).
  • Preferential rates for international concierge services, as per our agreement with Alberta La Grup.
  • Advice on family governance issues, as per our agreement with FECIG.


Professional fees 

The annual fees corresponding to the Legal Family Office services are always fixed fees and are determined in a customized proposal based on the client’s particular circumstances. They ultimately depend on the following factors:

  • Complexity of the existing fiduciary structure and/or the one which is, in principle, to be created.
  • Number of different fiscal residencies existing in the family group.
  • Family branches included in the proposal.