Untitled Fund Services LLC is a U.S. based fund administrator

The company provides NAV calculation services, as well as RTA and investor services exclusively to emerging offshore investment funds with a Latin American component. Untitled Fund Services was previoulsy known as EF Fund Services LLC, but it has changes it name following our acquisition back in 2018.

Our “sweet spot” includes funds from US$10,000,000 to US$100,000,000 in AUM. The majority of the funds we currently administer range from US$25,000,000 to US$50,000,000 in AUM.

What differentiates us from our competition is precisely the focus we have in the region and also the fact that we provide our services in a very personalized and hands-on way to investment funds who cannot pay the standard fees the major administrators charge.
In addition to the above, over the last few years we have developed a particular expertise in funds that invest in cryptocurrencies, fintech or blockchain related projects. We cater the needs of these clients through our subsidiary “Crypto Fund Services LLC”, also established in Florida, United States of America.

Fund set up service

  • Selecting the best jurisdiction and structure for the fund.
  • Assisting the legal counsel of the fund with the drafting of the offering memorandum for the fund and all other ancillary agreements/documents.
  • Incorporation of the fund and, if needed, of the management company.
  • Providing independent directors and/or company secretaries, if needed.
  • Licensing the above entities.

Corporate services

  • Maintaining principal corporate records.
  • Establishing and maintaining designated subscription bank accounts.
  • Interacting with shareholders and prospective investors.
  • Maintaining share registers and directors’ registers.
  • Assisting the legal counsel with any filings which need to be made in the jurisdiction of incorporation of the fund.

NAV calculation services

  • Preparing and maintaining financial records.
  • Pricing all assets of the fund.
  • Calculating Net Asset Value and Net Asset Value per share.
  • Calculating fees (including management and performance fees) and accruals.
  • Reconciling cash, transactions and positions with fund custodian/prime broker.

Investor relation services

  • Distributing reports and financial information to shareholders.
  • Managing share subscriptions and redemption payments.
  • Interacting with shareholders and prospective investors.
  • Facilitating the completion of anti-money laundering requirements.

In addition to the above, we also provide advice and services in relation to the fulfillment of the fund’s obligations under FATCA and the Common Reporting Standard.

Unless a client decides otherwise, we utilize the legal services of Untitled Strategic Legal Consulting, for the setting up and licensing of the funds that we administer.

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