Why Wealth Planning is so important?

Crises generate risks for everyone, and these times of pandemic are not the exception. Driven by urgency and desperation, some States make decisions that may affect the wealth of many. We have been working on a daily basis for a decade to avoid some of these risks (forfeiture, devaluation, double...
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Our values: today, PRIVACY

At the core of Untitled SLC’s practice is the respect for the privacy of our clients and a 100% personalized treatment, including an exhaustive analysis of each family and its needs. Why do we think privacy is important? This is the explanation of our CEO Martín Litwak: “As we all live in...
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Litwak & Partners is now Untitled

Today marks our 8th anniversary as Litwak & Partners and we celebrate it by sharing some exciting news that will allow us to continue leading the Latin American market in the areas of wealth structuring advice and investment fund formation. Because we live the present heading for the...
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