Our values: today, PEACE OF MIND

Political changes, new tax regimes, financial restrictions, crises and even a pandemic have been on the news day in, day out since the beginning of the year. And yet, at Untitled we are still focused on our objectives: to give our clients safety, to uphold privacy as a flag, to protect jobs and even...
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UNTITLED Legal Family Office

We will never stop saying it because we are so proud: we are the first «Legal Family Office» in the Americas. Through this program, we offer our most sophisticated clients a holistic review of their fiduciary structures and ongoing attention and support on cross-border legal and tax...
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New roles

As you know, Untitled is a boutique firm with practically no staff turnover. This is not by chance, but by design – and there are many reasons for it. We invest in training our team members and seek to create a work atmosphere where our people feel comfortable, growing both as a person and a...
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Economic Substance in Belize

In order to comply with the new Economic Substance requirements in Belize, all companies must have a Tax Identity Number (TIN) by 15 February 2021. Besides, if the company does relevant businesses it must file the first tax return by 21 March 2021, and report and prove its fiscal jurisdiction. The...
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Tax Returns at St Kitts & Nevis

As a consequence of the general guidelines established by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Union, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of St Kitts & Nevis now demands from the entities registered under the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance to...
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