UNTITLED Sports & Entertainment

In 1988, Evander Holyfield became the first undisputed cruiserweight champion. He then moved to the heavyweight category, where he beat James “Buster” Douglas before starting his reign as the unified champion of the three great boxing organizations at the time. In his career, he amassed a...
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New Services at Untitled SLC

As we have been doing since we created the company, almost ten years ago, at Untitled SLC we constantly adapt our value propositions to market needs and we innovate with offers and services tailored to our clients. Innovation was always part of our DNA and in years as special as this 2020 it’s...
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Martin Litwak’s new book

We would like to announce that in only a few weeks our CEO, Martín Litwak, will present his second book: Tax havens and tax hells: an alternative look at offshore jurisdictions and tax competition. The book has a Foreword by Javier Milei and a Closing Note by Antonella Marty. A peek preview will...
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Why Wealth Planning is so important?

Crises generate risks for everyone, and these times of pandemic are not the exception. Driven by urgency and desperation, some States make decisions that may affect the wealth of many. We have been working on a daily basis for a decade to avoid some of these risks (forfeiture, devaluation, double...
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